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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some fun stuff

Horyon seems to be mostly over her cold, though she still needs more sleep than usual. This gives me extra time to hold Maxine, which I love doing.

She's having more fun than it looks like. Trust me.

Taking care of Maxine is a tiring task, and we would be completely swamped without Horyon's parents. Here they are giving Maxine a bath at our home. However, they often take care of Maxine and Horyon both at their home, coming to pick them up when needed.

In all the talk of who Maxine resembles most, it has been noted that she has definitely received her Grandpa Kang's forehead. Even he pointed out that all of her facial features seem to be in the lower half of her face. But I digress. Frequently. And much to the annoyment of the people around me.

As I was saying, taking care of Maxine can be exhausting, and one time my father-in-law was too tired to help properly. Somehow he managed to put a diaper on Maxine inside-out. That may not sound too bad. After all, if your socks are inside out, or your shirt, or your underwear, what difference does it make? Yeah, people stare at you funny, but for some of us it doesn't make that much difference.

But a diaper is different. The inside is made to soak up liquids, and the outside is made to hold liquids in. Or out, as the case may be. When Maxine peed, the inside-out diaper funneled it all directly out, soaking up nothing, and allowing her clothes and the sheet under her to soak up all that baby juice.

If you will allow me to digress again, apparently there is a Korean product called "Baby Juice," obviously intended to mean "Juice for babies", but with a name like that, how can one not make fun?

Back to my story. I've been wanting to tell this one on Horyon's father for a while, but it's hard to tell it without sounding a bit mean. And so I waited until I had the proper follow-up story to go with it:

On Friday, Maxine pooped her pants. We followed our usual procedure: Remove baby's pants, open diaper, wipe down baby's butt with those wet towel things, wash baby's butt in warm water, put on new diaper and pants. Horyon did the re-diapering, while I cleaned up the cleaning up mess. I was then set-up with a bottle, a hungry baby, and the goal of transforming the hungry baby into a sleeping baby. I was well on my way towards this goal, and had fed Maxine most of the contents of the afore-mentioned bottle, when I felt something warm and wet dribbling on my leg. I checked the bottle. It was sealed tight. And Maxine was smiling big. That happy look she gets when things are balanced out right.

I cupped my hand under her bottom, hoping to catch most of the gift she had given me, but there was a lot of wee-wee there. That's when I realized that her pants weren't as big as usual. She was not wearing a diaper.

Yes, we had managed to top the inside out diaper trick by skipping the diaper altogether. You see, Horyon was taking some cold medicine, and it had made her quite groggy. I roused her from her slumber to help clean up anyway. We washed Maxine, and dressed her in clean clothes. I had to wait until she was asleep to shower my bottom half, since Horyon was out like a light. Of course, as soon as I got out of the shower I could hear Maxine whining. It was a long night for her and me.

My last concern is accessorizing. I'm not actually opposed to it, but I think that it's a habit that can get seriously out of control. On the other hand, if accessories make her smile like this every time, I may end up spending a few bucks on little shiny things myself.

I don't think she has enough hair yet to need cute hair pins, but Horyon disagrees.



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