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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Elanor Corrections

Hi everyone.

Looks like I didn't research as much as I should have. Jon sent me an email with some clarifications/corrections, and I thought that instead of giving myself another chance to get something wrong, I would just cut and paste from his email. So here you go:

I do have a couple of minor comments on CF-related stuff. I think the statement about colds and flus "often ending that life" overstates a bit; while some bugs do eventually lead to enough accumulated lung damage to lead to lung failure and death, this usually takes many years; IOW, it'’s usually not any *one* infection or inflammation that kills, it'’s the cumulative affect over (hopefully) many years. Illnesses are dangerous, but usually in an '“another brick in the wall'” sense as opposed to an immediate emergency. There can be exceptions where an infection will cause immediate danger, but those are rarer. But in the (increasingly) longer term, of course, eventually the lungs will fail.

Also, just a slight clarification: you'’re absolutely right to say that I wouldn'’t trade Elanor for anything, even a fuller life with a different daughter (that phrase hits the nail on the head). I can never wish that she had not been born with CF, because that would mean that she would have been a different person; Elanor came from the mixture of that specific set of DNA from me and Clarissa. But if I had the ability to target that defective gene right now, I would "“take it away"” in a heartbeat!

He also told me what a great guy I am, in spite of my innacuracies and exagerations, but I thought it would be tacky to include that, so I didn't.

Also, I just made my donation on their website:

The first time I hit the "submit" button I got an error message. I had to retype all my information, and it went through the second time. I'm a bit worried that I donated twice as much as I intended, but I don't think so. I urge you all once again to contribute to this most worthy cause. For this particular event, I believe you have until about June 16th, though you can still contribute to the CFF after that deadline.



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