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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gratuitous Pictures

First off, I added a little bit to the middle of my previous post, Lunch Guests. Specifically, a picture that I had intended to put in, then forgot about. I also added some explanatory text, to prove that maintaining a blog is about more than just pushing buttons and giggling to yourself.

Now here are some Maxine pictures:

Game Time!
Our favorite game with Maxine is the ring toss! She seems to enjoy it, too.

Sleepy Time!
Maxine usually goes to sleep being held by one of us. I am fully aware of the problems that we will be facing because of this in the future, but we are just not in a position to sacrifice multiple nights of sleep to train her otherwise. It is one of our plans for summer vacation. However, in the mean time, there is something very, very pleasant about having a baby fall asleep in one's arms.
And when it happens that both myself and Maxine are ready for a nap, that can be nice, too.
Actually, this is early in the morning. Maxine has been awake, breast-fed a bit, then went back to sleep with me. I stayed awake just long enough to make sure she went to sleep, then I joined her in dream land. Of course, I didn't make it all the way there, because in the back of my mind was the constant worry that I might roll over and squish my baby. That would be bad. But I was far enough gone to not notice my charming wife taking our picture.

Maxine very rarely spends time in bed with us. The most common occurrence is on the Saturdays which Horyon has off. In spite of the rarity of bed sharing, I frequently find myself waking up in a panic over where in the bed Maxine is. I feel around desperately, and sometime grab Horyon, confused that she is Maxine and worried that she is about to fall out of the bed.

That's it for now.




Aubrey said...

I love gratuity, especially in the form of photos! ESPECIALLY in the form of baby photos!
Hey, can I get the one with me and Maxine from "Lunch Guests" emailed to me? I love it!

Rob Sack said...

For anyone interested, including Aubrey, if you click on the photos posted on Roblog, you will get a fairly big image, which you can download and even print if you like.

A Brief Introduction

Roblog is my writing lab. It is my goal to not let seven days pass without a new post. I welcome your criticism, as I cannot improve on my own.

Here is a link to my cung post, which remains the only word which I have ever invented, and which has not, as far as I know, caught on. Yet.