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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


A few days ago I posted to Roblog and got to messing with the settings. Apparently I found the setting for "suck" and turned it all the way up, because no one, including myself, was able to access Roblog.

I had tons of emails asking where it went. (I figure that since emails don't have any weight, I can just assume that each letter weighed between 3 and 5 pounds, plus I couldn't really separate out the bits that weren't about Roblog or all the address stuff, so it was easily a ton. Maybe even two if I use a bigger font.)

I figured it was just my computer, so this evening when I saw all those emails (OK, OK, it was like four!) I decided that I had better do something. So I went to my "Settings" page and tried to figure out what the heck went wrong.

I couldn't figure it out, but I fixed it. This is somewhat typical of how I "get things done" and "fix things". For example:

When I was in my early teens, our family had a t.v. set that had quit working. I asked for and got permission to take it apart, and had a great time seeing what kind of stuff is inside a t.v. And somewhere in the middle of it all, I discovered that it was working again! I was quite happy with myself, and asked if I could keep it in my room, a first for me. My parents agreed, probably having some kind of premonition of what would happen.

I believe it was the same day, if not the next. I was working on something else, and the t.v. was on. I set my drink down on top of the t.v., and it fell over, flooding down into the back vents, and bringing with it a wave of destruction. The t.v. made some cool noises before I unplugged it, and my room smelled like burning electronics for the next couple of days. I figured that it wasn't worth the effort of taking it apart this time, because I didn't have whatever tool that is you use to remove cola from a fried transistor.

Ok. That story started out being an example of how I get things done, and ended up being a brutally honest glimpse of how I get things done. That's it. I hate blogging.


Aubrey said...

Well, I love that you overcome your hate of blogging to entertain us anyway.

I'll just submit that my email noting the problem with your blog weighed at least half a ton by itself. So that makes your estimate quite accurate.

Rob Sack said...

Perhaps "hate" was too strong a word. Let's just say that blogging is a bit annoying, like sitting on a piece of rotten fruit, but without the rewards.

There. At least my metaphors can stand on their feet in kitchen.

Mom said...

I remember that TV and the entire incident. And what your room looked like at the time.

Aubrey said...

What exactly are the rewards of sitting on a piece of rotten fruit?

Rob Sack said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rob Sack said...

Ah, the rewards of sitting on rotten fruit...

I think those of us who have experienced it don't need to discuss it, and those of us who haven't will never understand.

And by the way, I'm pretty sure Mom meant that my room looked awesome.

Mom said...

Yeah, awesome.

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