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Monday, June 25, 2007

I found this to be compelling.

I got my first test back today. 69%. Ouch. I am definitely out of practice, though I managed to predict my grade fairly well. Fortunately, I have another opportunity this Friday to show that I got what it takes to go statisticking. Becoming a teacher is looking to be an uphill, long-term battle. This video kind of reminds me of why I want to do it.


Jeff said...

Sorry, I don't see anything that is compelling unless you really enjoy a big blank space in the middle of a blog.

Is it from Youtube? If so that may be the reason, as the Thai Gov't has blocked Youtube in Thailand because they had several videos that made fun of the King which is a very serious crime.

Rob Sack said...

It is, in fact, a Youtube link. It's a monologue on being a teacher. A bit along the lines of saying to a crowd, "Who likes good stuff?", but very well said.

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