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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Advantage of having Two Drivers

First of all, this isn't a golf post. It's a follow-up to my latest post about Horyon getting her driver's license (congratulations again, honey!).

Thursday I rode my bike downtown to get my free 30-day tune-up. It's been a good deal longer than 30 days since I bought the bike, and something like 600 miles of riding, but they don't mind. Good guys over there at Sunflower.

When I brought it in, they said it would be finished by the next morning. I wasn't sure how to get home without the bike I rode in on, until I remembered:

My wife is awesome

because she has a driver's license and wants to get as much practice as she can. I wanted to give as much time for Maxine to continue her nap as possible, so I called home around four o'clock, and Horyon agreed to meet me at South Park.

(Lawrence geography note: just South of downtown Lawrence there is a park called South Park. It has been there and had that name since long before the t.v. program called "South Park" or the network on which it is aired existed. Still, it makes me hum the theme song from "South Park" and giggle a bit every time I go near it.)

She came and got me, and we had planned to eat at the Korean restaurant downtown. Unfortunately, when I got there I found that all the signs were gone, and inside the fixtures were being torn out. No more Korean restaurant in Lawrence.

So we went to dinner at Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse. Big pile of meat with curly fries piled on top of that, pickles, a fritter, and sides of baked beans and cottage cheese. I'm not sure why I like the cottage cheese as a side. It seems kind of wimpy next to the other food on the plate. On the other hand, it's kind of a good palate cleanser.

When we got home there was a message from Sunflower telling me that my bike was finished. I should have gone back to check after dinner. Or I could have given them my cell phone number. Or they could have told me it would only be a couple of hours. Oh well. Horyon dropped me off the next day and I rode home in time to go to work.

In other news, Horyon's parents arrive at KCI Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow. They will stay with us for a month. Maxine will have a great time, I'm sure. The rest of us may feel a little crowded. However, it will be good for us to be together as a family. I just wish we had a slightly bigger house to be together in.

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