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Friday, March 21, 2008

Team Elanor

Last year I didn't get anything posted about this, though we did make a donation. It was in the middle of our moving back to the states and settling in, and I just didn't make time for it until it was too late. And so this year, I'm just posting the email that I received from Jon and Clarissa (almost a month ago!). I do hope that you will stop by their site to make a donation. Unfortunately, as I write this the CFF site is not working properly, so I can't tell whether or not the links are correct. Please let me know if they continue to not work.


Spring is in the air, and with it inevitably come thoughts of ... fundraising? Also, of five-mile walks along the Rio Grande, pizza, music, and fun!

Great Strides will begin at ~8:00 AM on May 17 this year, at Kit Carson Park. For anyone who would like to join us, you can go to to sign up, or if you have signed up in the past, login at to reactivate yourself. Please feel free to invite anyone else who you think might like to join us.

New this year, CustomerCentrix has donated a website redirect from that can be used on posters and flyers. I plan on picking up some posters this week; please let me know if you want me to grab some for you. (Donations that come in through can't be credited to a particular walker and will be shared by the team.)

We have a lot to celebrate this year! Elanor has gone almost two years without a confirmed pneumonia. I am settled into a part-time job at U.N.M. Jon (this is the big one) is expected to complete work on his Ph.D. by the end of the semester with his degree conferred at the end of the summer. In fact, Jon may not be walking with us because he has his convocation that afternoon! We hope that you will join us in our annual show of support for the organization that makes it all possible.


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