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Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm Employed!

This week I found for sure that I will be employed at Central Jr. High School next year. Worst case scenario, I work the same kind of hours that I am working now--four hours certified and three hours para per day. Not ideal, but I could make do with that for another year. However, the principal, Anna Stubblefield, seems pretty sure that I will be teaching five certified hours. A full time contract is six hours, so I would be just a bit short of full time. I could, like this past year, work as a para for an hour or two a day, but I have already told her that I would rather just take my five hours of teaching and have three hour for planning, as we are on an eight hour per day schedule.

A full time position comes with two hours of planning per day, one personal, and one team. The consensus on how effective team plans are depends entirely upon which members of which team you ask. Still, however effective or ineffective the time is, it is time that is not spent in the classroom exerting your will on students. Sure, in some teams you have to exert your will on your coworkers, trying to convince them that your idea is best, trying to convince them that a specific student would benefit from a certain course of action, or trying to convince them that the current meeting has exhausted any possibility of being productive and should be terminated immediately.

At any rate, I will have a job next year, which takes a huge load off of my mind. I talked with Horyon about what I should do this summer, and she said that I should not take an outside job. She wants me to stay home and do family stuff, and home stuff, and get more comfortable with Quinten.

That's about it. If I try to add any more, this will never get posted.


Melanie said...

Hurray! As the discusions have been brewing about what's happening in our building lately, I've thought of you often. Glad you'll have a job! Maybe we can get together over the summer.

Rebecca said...

Hooray!! We'll have to get together sometime soon to celebrate the continuation of your working and the termination of mine!

Aunt Becky

JamaGenie said...

Congrats on the new baby *and* the real job. Or the real baby and the new job...take your pick.

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