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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Good Monday and House for Sale

Our house is for sale.  Of course, this link won't last past the house selling, and maybe not even that long.  Hopefully it will sell quickly. Our agent has described it as a
Totally Updated and Super Slick SW One-Level!"

Not sure if those are the words I would have used, but it does look good on the virtual tour.

And today when I came in to work I found that my morning classes had been cancelled.  And I don't have any afternoon classes on Monday!  Happy day!  Got some planning done.

Selling the house is depressing.  It will be nice to have those financial resources freed up, but...

It was our first house.  Maybe our last, if we've learned our lesson properly.  It was our shot at the American Dream, and we missed it.  Yes, our timing was bad.  I understand that the American economy has maimed and destroyed many, and that we are fortunate to have a fall back like Korea.  And I can now see clearly that I was naive about moving back to the states and teaching in a public school.  

I am so glad that we had the chance to live close to my family, and to make new friends in Lawrence.  But we just couldn't make it work.

So much for a good Monday, eh?

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