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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ride #4, Busy Day

Took my bike on the subway today.  On Fridays I teach an extra lesson at school for an hour, then another extra lesson some distance from our school.  I usually take the subway to get there, and it is more than an hour's ride by bike (I think, might be worth taking a trial ride some time), so I took the bike on a subway ride.

It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  I parked in a wheelchair access spot, fervently hoping that no one with an actual wheelchair would show up.  It was crowded at times, but not bad.

My one mistake was not bringing my headlight.  It's a super bright LED rechargeable that my brother-in-law gave me along with the other equipment.  I just wasn't thinking about it when I left at 7:15 this morning.  By the time I left my last job, it was dark, and I was riding some pretty busy roads.  Not much fun.  But I made it with no incidents.  I should probably just throw the light in my backpack, as winter is coming on and it is getting darker earlier and earlier.  We finish at 4:30 Monday through Thursday, which should still give me good light even in January, but if I get distracted or stop somewhere on the way home for an hour, it could take me past sunset.

And tomorrow is Sports Day (note the capitalization)!  Every student I have talked to is excited about it.  When I tell them that American schools don't do a Sports Day, they always ask me why.  Tough question, but it basically boils down to individualism being such a core value that most parents don't want to see every kid in the school singing a song with the same motions.  And the people who do just have to be satisfied with marching band or ROTC.

So I had a full teaching schedule today (three classes, 80 minutes each plus two hours of tutoring after school) then came home in time for Horyon to leave for her tutoring.  So I got to spend the evening alone with the kids. Bedtime went very smoothly today, for which I am grateful.  Thanks Maxine and Quinten!

And Sports Day is tomorrow!!!!!

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