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Monday, June 04, 2012

Directions to Our Place

To get to our home, take subway line #2 to Namcheon (남천) Station.  The first option, for the lazy, is the elevator:
Take the 2-4 elevator.  When you come out, walk straight ahead (maybe 10m/30ft) and take a right at the wooden furniture store, then a right at the bathhouse.
For those interested in getting some exercise, or stopping at the store on the way in, take exit #4.  As you are coming up the stairs, you will see this huge building that is still mostly unoccupied, but looks pretty awesome.  It's on the other side of the street, if you are doing it right.
At the top of the stairs keep walking until you get to the corner with the bakery:
Tous Le Jours has some lovely breads and pastries.  I buy their 7-grain bread all the time.  Turn right just  before the bakery, and on the right side of the road you will see the "Big Sale Mart":
This is a good place to get drinks, fruit, milk, eggs, ramen, peanut butter, spaghetti, candy (Hersheys and Korean), lots of stuff.  I tell you, kids these days have no idea how good they've got it.  Back in the day, I would have had to traipse all over town to get the stuff I buy in one shot at this little corner store.
Keep heading up the street, and turn right at the cow head soup (소머리탕) restaurant.  (I haven't tried it yet, so don't ask).
Walk one block, and you will come to my neighborhood bath house (on the right side of the street).  This is where you will bump into the lazy people who took the elevator, because they are probably walking so slowly that you've caught up to them by now.
On the left side of the street, across from the bath house, is an awesome little meat restaurant which we hope will be open if we invite you over for a BBQ and it rains.  Unfortunately, they do not seem to be overly dependent on income from this restaurant, as they are frequently closed. Go straight on through this intersection, but watch for traffic.  Ahead on your left is Namcheon Church:
It is right across from our humble villa, Insan Heights (인산하이츠빌).  The parking lot has been painted a lush green, in a vain attempt to be a yard.
We've got a security door of sorts.  Combinations given to people who really need it, as it changes regularly.
Once you're inside, please press the little button to lock the door behind you.
Then head up the stairs to the fourth floor:
Unless you get tired, then back down to the elevator:
Our apartment is on the 4th floor, number 402, but the roof is one flight of stairs up from the 5th floor.  It is a pretty nice place to hang out:
We have a dozen plastic chairs to fill the space, and a couple of tables on which we can serve food.
There is room for some games, and the wind is usually not bad.
The people who live on the 5th floor can hear you shuffling around up there, so we try not to party too late.
The view of the neighborhood includes Namcheon Elementary school:
Some expensive homes:
and the road you walked to get here:
That's pretty much it.  I will try to take some indoor pictures after we get our apartment cleaned.


juwon said...

Finally new post! Thank you! I guess indoor pictures are gonna take some time, not pretty soon. *^^*

Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for the pictures. It gives a feel for the area for those of us who have never been there.
I can hardly wait until the clean-up to see the inside :)
Uncle Bob

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