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Monday, September 03, 2012

3 Pictures

My Wednesday night Bible study group is resuming this week after a summer hiatus, and our homework is to present 3 photos of our summer adventures. I chose these three, but was unable to email them because they were too large.  Rather than editing them down, I'm posting them here. And because I'm not good at counting I put in 4.  I guess we can drop the one of Quinten in my hat, Joe.  I know he's looking really adorable, but he's in that last fountain shot as well.  If you don't want any spoilers for Wednesday, you should stop reading here.

Both fountain and hat shots are to represent the miserable heat we lived with all summer.  The small parrot was one time I took the kids out to an animal cafe.  Lots of time with the kids this summer.  And me trying to cover up the naughty bits of that brass bass relief is from English camp. I took very few pictures, and that was one of the most entertaining of the lot.

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A Brief Introduction

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