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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ride and Embarrassing Moment

Today I rode with Maxine to her school, came home, got my act together, then rode to my Tuesday class.  It's only a 15 minute ride to the Centum City campus.  My other classes are all across town, probably a 90 minute ride on six-lane streets with cars and smog and yech.

After class I rode up the river a bit, then went to Costco.  I've been needing real cheese for some time, but not enough to pay the high prices for imports elsewhere.  I got a block of sharp cheddar, monterey jack, and a bag of shredded Mexican cheese (yeah, I'm sure Mexico is proud of that one).  I also got a three pack of bacon, because a house without bacon is like... not good.

So I'm checking out with about 40,000 won (~$35) worth of food, and about 70,000 won  in my pocket.  Surprise!  I need to renew my membership!  Taking my total up to 74,260 won.  I have exactly 74,000 in my wallet, so I did through my backpack to find the coins needed to finish this transaction.  I don't usually spend much time wondering what other people think of me (as my friends well know), but this time I had extra time on my hands: I had to pull my pants out of my backpack and unroll them, then dig in the pockets for change, roll them back up, and pack pants, cheese and bacon into my bag.  I was imagining the thoughts going through the cashier's mind as she smiled at me and rebuffed my apologies:

"Wow, this crazy American has NO idea what he's doing, he barely has enough money, he's disorganized, he smells bad, and he's buying a bunch of bacon and cheese.  Stupid Americans."

My only consoling thought is that she might have assumed I was a Canadian.

The good news is that I saw a giant Pinochio...

With the arrogance born of high stature, he
stode the city, a giant among men.
 and a giant onion thing...
It would be so cool if we got some translucent plastic
and made a giant onion!
 with a disco ball inside.
We could light it up at night and have
dances inside!
Life is sweet, is it not?

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