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Monday, July 15, 2013

Why I Ride

Today I rode my bike with Maxine to her school.  It is oddly inspiring to ride behind her, watching her scrawny legs pump away, her bike wiggling like she does, the sidewalk racing by.  Any day that we eliminate two trips in the car (because I have to go back to pick her up) is a good day for me, and knowing that I am building healthy habits for both of us makes me feel better as well.

After dropping her off, I rode up Igi-Dae.  I tried a new route today that ended up being more mountain bikey than I like.  I ended up carrying my bike over some steps and pushing it up some nasty bits.  However, I was inspired by the scenery, and decided to stop and try to capture the feeling of my ride to better communicate it to my readers.  So here are the pictures I took.  I didn't take pictures of the more urban bits.  Sometimes they are beautiful as well, but I often feel rushed in the concrete jungle.

Map of the park.  My route followed the orange line along the shore.

A view from the first summit of Igidae.

First glimpse of Oryukdo.

Riding doesn't seem so hard when you can look around and see sights like this.

Man made frame for a natural view.

Closer view of Oryukdo.

Now I'm climbing on the railing in a most unsafe manner.

Wave for the camera!  (Sorry)

Bumpy, but ridable.  Though not for long.

Looking back down the track.  No little green bag.

Yeah, I rode this.  I need a mountain bike for days like this.

The actual shore is out of sight, but the sense of a boundary is here.

Sea and stone, permanence in motion, permanence at rest.

I had to get off and push up this one.

Made it to the rest stop, map and vending machine!

I chugged me some Gatorade and got some shade and rest.

The sea side exercise area near our home, my cool-down ride.


Earl Reid said...

That is a beauty ride.

Earl Reid said...

That is a beauty ride

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