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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Another Guilty Post

So I just added my summer vacation calendar to my Roblog (1 minute to do, 10 minutes to tweak it so it looked good).  Something possessed me to click on the "Next Blog" button at the top.  I stumbled on to some interesting things.

I really liked Thank God for the Women!, a post from a pastor living somewhere on the Internet.  It made me think of my friend, Elaine, over at the Bear of Little Brain.  Good stuff.  She's currently travelling, so even better than usual.  And she's done with grad school, which hopefully means she will be communicating with us more often.  Maybe

I also found a bizarre space baby poster.  If you browse this blog you will find lots of weiner dogs, and a Youtube link to a fantastic tuba rendition of Vivaldi's Winter.  Mr. Baadsvik totally rocks it.

There was also the usual assortment of blogs in other languages, one or two that were from people whose first langue was not English, and other fun things. I didn't go too far down the rabbit hole (which inevitably leads one to conclude that humanity is both amazing and amazingly stupid), but I did notice one thing: the majority of the blogs I looked at have not posted this year, and a few showed most recent posts of 2012.  I had to look at my blog to double check that I was not in this boat.  I wasn't, but I am in pretty bad shape for the year: only 5 posts, and one of them is just a Sunday School lesson handout.

What happened?  I remember posting pictures and stuff?  Aha!  I've been posting to the blog my students have access to!  I would post links to them, but they will go down by summer, to make room for the fall blog (during which I will probably recycle them).  So instead I will try to paste one here:

This is not homework.

You do not have to read it.  You may just look at the pictures.  You may also ignore (not look) at it.

This is my son, Quinten.  He was born in 2009, and he loves this predator that stands in the window of a massage shop near our home:

His birthday was March 9th, but we had his party almost a week later.  He was very excited about the presents.  In fact, he sat with them while waiting for our guests to arrive.

Here he is blowing out the candles on his cake.  It was a good day.  Everyone had fun, and the cake was delicious.
Quinten is a good singer.  These days he sings two songs:  "Let it Go" from Frozen, and the theme from the Dobots t.v. show.

Next week I will write about Maxine.  You can see her in the bottom left of the picture with Quinten's birthday cake.

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Anonymous said...

Our sons have some things in common...Jabin also sat with his birthday presents enjoying the anticipation for a good 15 minutes...Jabin loves singing! I wonder if they'll ever meet...Maybe when we visit our Korean family we'll stop by Busan.


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