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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

L is for Laughter

Today I was looking for a tune to entertain Maxine, and I came across Dead Puppies, by Ogden Edsel.  If you are not familiar with this song, please follow my link.  Don't worry, it's not a proper video, just scrolling lyrics.

And this is how Maxine reacted as she listened.  I wish that I could have recorded her laughing, but I can't record video and play music at the same time.

A few observations:

1)  I love my daughter.  Watching her enjoy the heck out of anything is fun for me, and this made her laugh deep.  She would stop and listen, cover her face, and hoot with laughter.  Pure joy.  As soon as it finished she asked me to play it again, so I did.

2)  It is so much fun to appreciate a familiar piece of art through new eyes.  Dead Puppies is a funny song, though not to everyone's taste.  But no matter how funny something is, enough repetition will render it humorless.  And I have not yet found a song that I could listen to over and over without growing weary of it.  Both humor and songs can come alive again given sufficient hibernation; that's why I have 6227 music tracks on my phone, so nothing can wear out its welcome!  But kids can shortcut that process and make something old new again.  Thank you, Maxine!

3)  She was not one bit shy about laughing in front of me and her friend (who doesn't know English well enough to appreciate the little miracle that is Dead Puppies).  By the time they are in college, Korean girls have all learned to cover their mouths and laugh demurely.  Loud laughter is seen as somewhat low class, like having a tan.  Most adults that I know, of all nationalities, don't lose control of themselves in front of others, even in laughter.  This is a sad development.  The world would be a better place if more people could just share a good laugh without having to get drunk first.

4)  "Weird" Al Yankovic's song, "Your Horoscope for Today" still makes me laugh 16 years after its release on "Running With Scissors".  It also has a bit of fantastic advice which I will close with today:  "Laughter is the very best medicine.  Remember that when your appendix bursts next week."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But you are not saying that getting drunk isn't still an option are you?
Uncle Bob

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