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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Lack of sleep...

Another reason this (sorry, that) was a long week was the lack of sleep.

I would like to prelude this entry by pointing out that so far Maxine has been a wonderful baby. She sleeps lots for someone less than 40 days old, and usually she goes to sleep fairly quickly. But last week had a few bad days, during which we couldn't get her to sleep until one or two o'clock in the blessed morning. I wake up around 8:00 most days, and find that I usually stumble through days preceded by not enough sleep.

The big problem so far is that Maxine goes to sleep fine in one's arms, but has a tendency to wake up when put in her crib. It then takes a long time to get her back to sleep, by which time one is quite nervous about laying her down again. It drives Horyon to distraction. She worries so much about it that I think she wakes Maxine up with her negative vibes.

I do a bit better, because my natural tendency is to not worry, and because I am usually kept as reserve troops, called in when Horyon is at wits end. By that time, just being held by someone who is not frazzled is enough to calm Maxine down. Sometimes. And other times, I just hold her and play with her and rock her for 30 minutes, or 40, or an hour.

Still, I am so happy to have my girls home. It's worth getting less sleep. It's worth getting spit-up on my shirt twice a day. It's worth doing the dishes in a zombie-like state. Because when Maxine happens to smile, even though it only lasts for a few seconds, my world lights up like Christmas. And when she laughs (usually while breast-feeding!), it's even more amazing.

I can hear that Horyon is having trouble now. Time to call in the troops.



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