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Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Long Week

I can't believe that Horyon had been doing this for a month before bringing Maxine home.

This week has been a long one for me. It's Saturday night, Maxine is sleeping, and I am finally catching up on my Roblog. Six days since the last update. Pretty sucky, huh.

So here's the story: since rearranging our home to prepare for Maxine's arrival, my computer has been in our bedroom. That just seemed to be the most convenient place for it, as Horyon needed a room for her sewing, Maxine needed a room for existing in, and both of those activities require much space. But things just haven't worked out quite as planned.

For starters, Horyon felt (justifiably) that it would not be a good idea to have Maxine in a different room where it is difficult to hear her. So we looked into baby monitors. The cheapest one in Korea was around $200. I thought that sounded a bit pricey, so I went to my old friend and found one for about $60. Problem is that shipping stuff like that to Korea tends to add huge amounts to the cost, in shipping and duties. So I had it shipped to Mom and Dad. They just got it yesterday and will mail it to us on Monday. So we're waiting.

And with Maxine in our room, I can only sit and use the computer when she's awake, which, as I mentioned earlier, was only about four hours per day, though it is creeping up. I'm pretty sure that now she's awake more like 6 or 8 hours per day. Not always quality hours. Plenty of patting-on-the-back-waiting-for-a-burp hours (often followed by cleaning-up-after-spitting-up-in-spite-of-burping hours).

I can still use my work computer, but I've been grading midterm exams and projects the last couple of weeks, so I don't have time at work for personal stuff. Which is, now that I think of it, both annoying and appropriate. I mean, where's the fun in spending the whole work day actually working?

So my infrequent computer time this week went to email and occasional baby research. (Results: babies start off quite small, but eventually get bigger. In between, they sleep, fill diapers, eat, cry, and occasionally give one enormous bursts of joy.)

So a couple of days ago, I unplugged my computer from where it was and moved it to where it is: Horyon's room. My comfy office chair was evacuated to my office long, long ago, so now I make do with one of our diet chairs. I call them diet chairs because they are usually at the kitchen table, and they are so uncomfortable that they inspire you to get up and leave before you have eaten all you want to eat.

But the lack of a computer is only one small factor in making this a long week. More next time.



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