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Monday, July 24, 2006

Details of Bike Ride and stuff, and more stuff

Yeah, it was a good weekend.

On Friday Horyon and I went to the movies. We saw "Superman Returns" and we both liked it. We ate lunch a Burger King and liked everything except the Chicken Tenders. Too much chicken substitute. Fortunately there were only four of them.

If, like me, you grew up on Christopher Reeves' Superman, you will like S.R. It had the same feel as the original Superman, with updated effects. Pretty intelligent plot for a superhero movie, and a good balance of action and story. And there were times when I swore I was looking at Christopher Reeves up there. The new Superman has Reeves' mannerisms down pat, especially as Clark.

Anyway, back to the bike ride details:

Dalmaji is a long hill with a nice view. When I first started riding, I couldn't make it to the top at all, but I put my mind to it and eventually made it. It's not the worst hill in town by any stretch, but it's a good ride. The traffic is light enough that it doesn't feel like I'm in constant mortal danger, and it's open enough to get a breeze. And up at the top there is a resting area where lazy people like to park their cars and enjoy the view without having properly earned it.

I started my ride alone, but I ended up riding with a couple of Korean guys I bumped into on the way. They were going the same direction, and it is definitely safer and more fun to ride with other people. They put me on lead, probably assuming that I would set an easy pace. They were probably right. By the time we topped Dalmaji I was huffing and puffing fit to blow a house in. (Actually, I didn't top Dalmaji itself, just what I think of as Dalmaji 1. Dalmaji 2 is the real top, but I wasn't' up for it.)

I felt pretty good when I got home. Slept well Saturday night, and wasn't even too sore on Sunday. It seems that my cycling muscles are in better shape than my lungs. I'm sure that I would be in better shape if I did this more often, but it's hard to make the time.

Sunday night we visited Horyon's aunt (Sookmo, as you may remember) and uncle. They have moved into a new apartment, and were throwing a house-warming party. Sookmo cooked up a storm, and it was all very tasty. (OK, not all as in 100%. There was one cucumber dish that tasted like it had been pickled in rotten fish. In fact, it may very well have been, as I've had similar tasting dishes before. There are some foods that I just can't develop a taste for.) The main dish was pork ribs cooked in a thick, barbecue-style (but not barbecue) sauce with potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. I put away my fair share of that one, along with the fried noodles, various kimchis, mushroom pancakes (better than it sounds!), and, of course, rice. I was stuffed like the turkey I am, and loved every minute of it.

afterwards, they asked me to help Jungwon to make some book recommendations. And that will be my next post.

We went home that night and I spent a couple of hours putting together my plan for today's class. I was happy with it, and only ended up using about 1/3 of it today, so I don't need to plan much for tomorrow or the next day.

And right now both of my girls are sleeping. Adorable like you wouldn't believe, the both of 'em. I am one blessed man.



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