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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Worry is a funny thing. I don't tend to worry for myself until the very last moment, when there's nothing to do about it. Horyon is the worrier in this family, and she usually makes up for me. Of course, Maxine doesn't worry about anything. She's either happy, or not happy, and doesn't think about her situation in the future at all.

Which means that we get to worry for her.

And while usually I am content to sit back and let Horyon do the worrying, I am finding that sometimes it doesn't work that way. Especially when a family is involved. I am having a hard time convincing her that our future is secure, and there are times when I am worried about her future just because she is so worried.

Which is odd, because I have no doubt about her ability to cope. She is so intelligent, adaptive, enthusiastic, and charismatic that she can't help but succeed. She is also so stubborn that wild horses have been known to snort in resignation upon at the very sound of her name. She will be fine, and I have made this prediction:

By 2010, she will be making more money than I will be. That or she will be enjoying her job more than I will be. Maybe both. I am very confident in her sewing ability, as well as the marketability of her talents. The only thing I'm really not sure about is the Lawrence market for hand-made garments and tailoring, but I'm still sure enough to think that Horyon will do well. She plans to start by offering free garment alterations to family and friends, mostly so that she can get enough practice to keep up her skills. She will then move up to very cheap prices, and hopefully soon after that up to full price. And hopefully full prices won't be the same as the very cheap prices.

Just a month a go, this would have been a slightly empty prediction, but Horyon has started studying sewing again. You would know all about it by now, but that was the post that got dumped. After that, I went back to Netscape. Today I am writing in Firefox again, for one reason: it has an as-you-type spell checker built right in. Email, blogging, filling out forms, whatever you do, it does puts a red line under anything it thinks you've spelled wrong. Right click on it, and it gives you a list of suggestions, or the option to add the word to your dictionary. And so I have decided to be more careful. I won't do other stuff while I'm blogging or emailing. And if I am doing other stuff, I'll save my work more often.

Once I post this little gem, I'll start reconstructing the missing post.

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