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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Working the Mines

You know, walking out of the word mine with a few words in your pocket sounds like a good way to make a little extra verbage on the side, and what the hell? Who is it hurting? The company? They got plenty, hauling it out in big dictionaryloads. Would they really miss that participle that was already dangling off the cart?

But if you read your contract carefully, you will see that their wordsmiths really know their craft. They can redact your paycheck, censor your wages. They can even come into your home and take the adjectives right out of your children's mouths.

I walked out of a word mine I worked at once with a
pocketful of word ore--about 3 (idiotic...didn't have
time to pick and choose the words) sentences worth.
Commas, are import,ant it,'s amazing.

[It's obvious why I didn't post this one.  Solid idea at the start, then I didn't go anywhere with it.  Still kind of fun.  I had to make up a title today, Nov. 28th, 2010, before publishing it back in 2007.]

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A Brief Introduction

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