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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Private Roblog

Hi everyone.

Feels weird knowing that the only people reading this are doing so by invitation.

I just wanted to point out that I am only allowed 100 readers. I sent out about 150 invites. Because I wasn't sure of which address to use, some of you may have received more than one invite. If you got two, please don't create two accounts! And if you can share with someone easily, please do so.

Once I've been at Central for a couple of years, I may open Roblog back up again. I think that once I have an established reputation, I will be somewhat shmear proof. We'll see.

The first full week has been rough. I'm tired all the time. I've been staying at school until past five o'clock most night, sometimes as late as seven, and once until nine. Teaching well is a difficult job, and the first year is always the worst. I've had a few first years, and this one tops all of 'em. Doesn't help any that we're dealing with morning sickness and Maxine, but the actual teaching and adjusting to dealing with large groups of adolescents has also been a serious challenge.

I had my first self-designed successful class today. It was my most difficult class, the Algebra kids. I'm trying not to celebrate too much, as I had an observer in the class, but it felt good for the class to go smoothly. Whereas before the flow of class has been constantly interrupted, today it felt more like interaction.

And today was a block day! On Thursdays we have only four classes, at about 90 minutes each. Granted, this class had lunch to break it up, but it's still a long time for kids to stay focused, and they did well.

Honestly, it's the first time since I started teaching (just a week ago!) that I've really felt that I could be a successful jr. high math teacher. I've always believed it, almost to the point of knowing it, but today I felt it. That is so important, because you can only push on with your will for so long, and so hard. At some point you have to have your heart invested in it. And now mine is.

All that said, I am completely unprepared for tomorrow, and I have to wake up in seven hours. So I will do a little work, then go to bed.



1 comment:

Teech said...

Hey Rob,

First off, HUUUUGE congrats on Bumbleweezle - massive hugs and kisses all 'round.

Congrats on becoming a bona fide teacher mate! I've gone the same route & just qualified as a primary teacher last month (dunno what the yank equivalent is - I'm teaching 7-11's (age group not convenience stores...)). Start work at a hardcore inner city gladiator school in 2 weeks - should be fun...

Good work on keeping the blog private - I had to edit my facebook before starting teaching(few too many 'chemistry' and erm 'horticulture' references on there if you get my drift...).

Keep it up bro, still think of you often, look after yourself,

Pete x

PS: The blog I've got on here is a thing we had to do as part of the ICT section of the teacher training course so is dull as ditchwater...

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