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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Some pictures from October and November

 My apologies to the readers out there who actually tune in just to see pictures of my kids.  I hope this makes up for it a bit.
 Princess Ariel came to Maxine's 5th Birthday Party, but Maxine was still the #1 princess.
Dual trips to the pumpkin patch:  Two preschools = two trips for Maxine.  The rest of us only attended one.  I figure that more pictures in a different outfit would be too much.
Quinten was thrilled to be in this picture.

At 18 months old, quite the handsome fellow.

The Perfect Pumpkin
Thanksgiving with Grandpa
Quinten really loves his Grandpa, and responds very well to him.  Perhaps the facial hair is familiar to him...

Sorry again for the lack of posting.  I won't promise to do better: I have too many other promises to break first.

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