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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Quinten Wasn't Finished...

If you don't like scatological posts, or if the previous post didn't do much for you, you might want to skip this one.

As if he thought we were unimpressed with his technicolor yawns (see Splatty New Year), Quinten followed up Saturday night's performance by blowing out the other end Sunday night.

For those of you who were wondering, yes, it is possible to fill a diaper to overflowing in one, foul shot.

However, Horyon, who is always looking on the bright side of things, pointed out that the smell of poo is less nauseating than the smell of upchuck.  To me, "the glass is half full" is only a positive if the contents of the glass are not violations of the laws of nature.

At least I did not spend the night in the same room with Quinten, and we are hoping he feels better today.  If not, we will be trying to get into the clinic on short notice, with more stool sample than they can handle.

Just to make clear, it is not my intention to entertain anyone with this little gem.  It's just here to jog my memory later, when my brain has had the good sense to blank out the past few days.

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