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Monday, January 03, 2011

Splatty New Year!

On New Year's Day, someone in the Sack household must have overdone it, because there was a serious amount of chunks blown during the first full night of 2011.

Enough suspense: it was Quinten.  We have no idea what happened.  He at the same thing for dinner (fish and rice) as Maxine and her friend, Chae-eun, both of whom are just fine.  Quinten himself has been fine today, including a three hour nap, but last night...

Half-way through his bottle he spit up.  He only takes one bottle per day now, as part of the bed-time routine.  We're hoping that will help us on the long trip (which is only three weeks away!).  We both got a change of clothes, and while he was playing with Horyon, he did some serious regurgitating.  We cleaned him up, and I put him in his play pen to sleep.  After a very short time, he coughed, blowing out his binky like a cork in a champagne bottle full of barf.

Another clean-up, and we decided that I would sleep with Quinten in Maxine's bed.  That way maybe I could catch him before he made a mess.  The strategy worked two or three times in the night.  Once loud enough for Horyon to come assist.  I think that after that he didn't have anything left to hurl.  We had been giving him sips of water, but not too much.  The poor kid was so tired that he couldn't even put up a fight against sleeping.  I rocked him gently, sitting up on my lap, wrapped in a blanket.  I am better at ignoring the smell of sickness than Horyon, and he tends to get excited when she's around, so I usually get night duty. 

By morning he seemed to be okay.  He drank some water, and had some eggs.  Horyon and I exchanged words over breakfast which caused Maxine to ask, "Are you guys fighting?"  Pretty rough morning.  She had to go to work at noon, and we agreed that I should stay home with Quinten.  Fortunately, we have friends at church who could take care of Maxine, so Horyon dropped Maxine off at church in time for Sunday School, then went to do some shopping and eat before work.

Quinten seemed fine.  Didn't eat as much eggs as usual for breakfast, but he later ate a whole banana.  Through the whole thing he never had a fever, and in the morning he had a regular, solid poop in his diaper.  I don't think he was really sick.  Looking back, I had fed him dinner without feeding myself.  Maybe I just put too much food in him.  He usually feeds himself, and he is not that fast, so he doesn't eat as much.  And after dinner Maxine had some pistachios (she tends to call them "statues", how cute is that?) which she shared with her little brother.  Then he had warm milk.  Perhaps rice, fish, pistachios and milk just don't mix well in toddler tummies.  Not sure they would mix well in mine.

At any rate, Quinten had a three hour nap this afternoon, and got to bed on time this evening, so I think we are back to normal.  For the next three weeks, anyway.

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