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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maxine's Art

Here is some of Maxine's art.  Click on the picture for a bigger version.  Below each picture is what Maxine told me about the pictures.  I attempted to preserve her words as she told them to me, explaining why the Roblog today sounds a bit more like a five-year-old wrote it than usual.  All were drawn in March 2011.
 Everyone thinked of a fiesta for the trees, so they decorated it!  With paint and with Christmas decorations, Christmas holders for the Christmas trees.

And they put a ladder on top.  (Daddy:  "Is there a ladder in there?"  Maxine: "They put the ladder away.")

And when they put up the ladder, they put three hearts: one medium, one small, one big, on each size tree.  They put the little one on the little tree, they put the medium one on the medium tree, and the big one on the big tree.

And they put paint the trees with sand to cover the holes chipmunks made in the trees.

The sun was too bright that it put on sunglasses!

(D: "What are the pink things?")  It was so bright that pink flowers comed out of the sky.

They put on strings behind the branches on each tree to another.  D: "What's it for?"  They put a ribbon through the other in the middle.  They put strange things around the trees.  D: "Who?"  The Christmas guy that loved Christmas.  It wasn't Santa Claus.  Nobody seen Santa Claus, because they were so sleepy.

"Is the sky special?  Why?"  The sky was so lightful that it wanted to be a little dark.  The people loved each other, and they lived happily ever after.  The End.
 A fairy was so happy of a smell she came and came of a lost flower falling down from the sky.  And the fairy thought it as a very sweet thingy.  And she really loved it so much that she gave up with going with the other fairies and just followed the smell.
 There was a lost thingy that was a jewelry thing.  All lost things come from the mainland.  When fairies see lost things they get it.  When fairies saw it they took that junk to the mainland.

There were five little mermaids that lived in the sea.  They really loved the sea until Ariel said, "I love a prince."  And he lived on land and she just gave up with the other princesses.  Her mother died, but she didn't care.  She just gave up with other princesses and went up to the top of the reef where fishes live and crabs.  And she got on a rock to sit.  She loves the prince.  The wind was blowing her hair.  She didn't care.  She was the only one different from the other sisters, so she went back under the sea.  But she forgot something.  She still loves the prince!  The end.


Anonymous said...

What an adorable child she is!

Anonymous said...

I love her imagination!

-Jerri Barr

Shalea said...

I love five-year-old stories. :)

Shalea said...

I love five-year-old stories. :)

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