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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maxine's School

This is Maxine's class at her kindergarten.  Her class name is "Happy Beavers".  Before making any remarks, please keep in mind that these are children.
 The school sent us these pictures.  I'm thinking that they could not resist Maxine's charms.  Who could?
 They took their first field trip to a potato farm.  Maxine told me that she planted seven potatoes.  That's pretty good.  I have not even planted one.
As you can tell, the whole class is seriously into posing for pictures.  Maxine's teacher told Horyon that Maxine doesn't really speak much Korean (she has individual tutoring in the afternoons to catch up), but that she still ends up leading the free play games, like playing house.  I can tell that her Korean is quickly gaining speed.  I think that she heard enough before she turned two that her brain is programmed to receive Korean, she just needs to learn the structures and vocabulary.

I would still like to see her get more attention in this regard.  I know that American schools (KS schools, anyway) are required to have ESL programs for kids who don't speak English.  It's kind of disappointing to hear that Korean schools have little or no plan for kids who don't speak Korean.  My coworker's daughter spent 5th and 6th grade in a Korean public school before transferring to an English school, and she is now working hard to catch up with her peers, because the Korean school administration and teachers let her sit in class not understanding anything, making no concerted effort to get her the language skills she needed to succeed.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing would make me prouder as a father then being able to say my daughter is the one not flashing the peace sign!

We'll be in Pusan from May 17th-23rd or so. Then off to Seoul for a few days before I leave. My email is

Not sure if I'll have my blackberry with me or not.

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