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Monday, May 16, 2011

Everybody home

Last week we had no school, though we were supposed to be there on Wednesday to hold down our seats.

Didn't work out that way.

On Monday (a holiday, as Tuesday was the Birthday of the Buddha, happy belated birthday big guy!) we took Maxine to the hospital, as she was still very uncomfortable and vomiting over night.  They suggested checking her in for a couple of days to run some tests.  Sure, no problem.  This was a different hospital than the one we went to before, and it just felt more professional to me.

We checked her into a 3-patient room instead of the single.  This cut our payment down from $110 a night to about $25 per night.  Of course, you get what you pay for:  sharing a room with a couple of kids who are coughing sick at a time when Maxine's body is stressed out.  Drunk relatives of said kids spending the late part of the evening, after bed time, being noisy, stinky, and bearing greasy food, the smell of which made Maxine feel ill.  And of course they couldn't open the window for ventilation, because their kids were sick!  Aargh!  Horyon complained to the nurse, and that eventually got things moving.

Eventually it was agreed upon that problem in Maxine's stomach was with her lymph nodes.  I was not aware that there were lymph nodes in or around the stomach.  Learn something new every day.  The reason was stress, compounded by all the medicine she had been taking for the colds she had gone through.  Made sense to me.

They checked her out on Thursday, and she has been home since.  Of course, it is only Monday now, and there is still time for things to go wrong.  Horyon said she was coughing a lot today...

Here is an interesting piece of A4 paper that Maxine decorated, front and back.  It is to be a birthday card, I believe for me to give to her when she turns six.  She made it more than a week ago, and I was undoubtedly short on sleep when she explained it to me, so I may very well have it completely wrong.  If so, I'm sorry Maxine!

A big shout out to my parents.  They just sent me some bicycling equipment and a copy of Disney's "Tangled" (on Blu-Ray and DVD!).  I sat and watched the entire movie with Maxine while Quinten and Mommy were in the hospital.  It was a nice Sunday for me and Maxine.  I can't remember the last time I sat with her for so long.

She was not happy about going back to school today.  She protested that she wanted to be with me and Horyon.  What can you do?  It would drive her crazy to stay home with us all day, but she can't really imagine that.  And she can't imagine what would happen if we both just stopped working to be with her.  I don't want her to be able to imagine being hungry all the time, and not having a home.  I'm glad she can't.  But how do you respond without trying to help her picture it?

Oh well.  I'm sure it will all be better once she becomes a teenager.

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