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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sick kid, well kid, manageable dad

The good news is that Quinten is fine.  Fit as a fiddle and ready to rock.  Well, he still shows signs of one ear being a little infected, and his throat is not in the best of shape, but relatively speaking he is doing great.

The bad news is that his sister is not.  Maxine fought a fever last night, which kept Horyon up wiping her down with damp towels.  Now it is her throat, the same culprit that knocked Quinten down last week.

So Horyon is staying at the hospital with both of them again tonight.  And tomorrow is a holiday, Children's Day, so we are unlikely to be checking out then.  Besides, we have to work on Friday.

So yeah, this is racking up.  As I mentioned before, the cost for hospital stays here is relatively low, but we have already passed the point where my entire paycheck for April will be consumed in this health crisis.  So much for making progress on the bills.  So much for sending money back to the States.  So much for saving for retirement.  Worth it to have healthy kids, but I am just tired of the whole thing.

I thought they were coming home today.  Last night I was up until 1 a.m., vacuuming, doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen.  Looks like I have time to do more cleaning today.

I am nearing the end of two months of treatment for hypertension.  I take blood pressure medicine every morning.  The only tricky part is remembering to get the prescription refilled in time.  Today I will have to rush, as I am also teaching a private lesson and visiting my family at the hospital.

These days it is not fashionable to refer to private lessons as such, so we call them "Tea Parties".  It makes me feel as though I should be sitting at a little table with dolls and pretending to drink tea and eat cake.  Silly, but not as shady as telling people that you are pretty happy with your privates.

Yesterday I rode my bike to the hospital for the first time.  Cut the 30 minutes walk down to about 8 minutes.  Almost all level, little side streets.  The time varies as there is a stoplight that takes two or three minutes to turn over.  I got the bike from my brother-in-law, Young-whan.  He is a really good guy, even bought me a $200+ helmet to protect my precious, if ineffective, noggin.  And the bike itself is worthy of a full post, as soon as I get some free time.

Gotta get ready for class.  I only have time for this because one class this morning was cancelled.

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