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Sunday, April 07, 2013

KIT, places and students

The place is just beautiful in the spring.  Plenty of cherry blossoms, and a nice campus.
The water has been on a couple of times.  Gives the place a lively yet relaxed feel.

I have a couple of classes in this building.

Some of my students in the foreground, protesting being in the picture.
Another building in which I teach in the background.
Two of my friendly students.  It's hard to hold
the camera straight standing on a slope like this.

A portion of my night class, more than 50 enrolled!

Another large class, almost 50 in this one.  Don't ask me their names.
Coffee machine and other stuff.
Lots of steps at KIT
This plaza is a popular hangout.
Funny, it doesn't look that steep...
A nice resting place close to the bottom edge of the campus.  Great for reading.
Yeah, that looks as steep as it feels.
That building houses the office of the foreign teachers.  23 men, one room.  Recipe for comedy.
They like curvy glass.
It's good to have a color assigned to the campus.
One of my smallest classes, about 34 students.
The Centum City campus building.
Computer majors at the Centum Campus.
The main entrance to the Centum Campus.

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