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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Mom and Dad got here safely, about 2 hours ago.

They were tired, and happy to get to their hotel room. By now I hope that they are sleeping soundly.

I drove to the airport with Horyon and Maxine in the car, following Horyon's father driving with her mother and brother. It was a nice little mini-adventure.

Their hotel room is small, but servicable. And the bathroom doesn't smell moldy, a sign of excellence in a $35 per night hotel, don't you think?

It's now after 11 p.m., and Horyon is trying to calm Maxine by carrying her around the house in her traditional baby back carrying cloth thingy, which I'm sure they have a word for in Korean.

They have a different word for everything.

Anyway, just letting you know.



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