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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Recovering from the Visit

Holy cow, almost two weeks since I posted.

I gotta tell you, I loved having Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa Sack) here. Not only for the free child care, and Dad's willingness to do the dishes, but for their company. Hard to say goodbye.

Really hard. We picked them up at their hotel at about 5:50 a.m. on the day they left. Miserable early. I find it's getting harder for me to say goodbye each time I do it. I'm tired of goodbyes.

I consoled myself by getting a few donuts at the airport Dunkin' Donuts. We came home all together, then Horyon's parents took Horyon to school and Maxine to their home, leaving me alone for the first time in too long. I ate the donuts, then crashed for the next four hours.

That afternoon I went into my office and started packing. The next day I finished. All of my books, all the stuff on my desk, all the stuff on my table went into boxes. And the next time I go up to my office, it will be in a different building. I suspect I will have trouble finding it.

Of course, Horyon's been back at work since before Mom and Dad left, so I've been watching Maxine lots. I've enjoyed it, but it doesn't lend itself easily to blogging. My first reaction to spare computer time is email. I probably should rearrange my priorities.

I have time now because we took Maxine to the hospital for an immunization shot after Horyon finished at work. She fussed around a bit, then went to sleep. Sorry, I meant to say they fussed around a bit then went to sleep. Immunizations do that to Maxine. Horyon is fighting off a cold and her dentist, so she needs the rest too. I'm tired myself, but someone has to stay awake to make sure that the blogging gets done.

I had some time yesterday. Around 12:00 p.m., Horyon's father picked up Maxine. I ate some lunch, then went for a bike ride. It was my first since December, maybe November. My usual warm-up hill, Dalmaji, kicked my ass. I couldn't make the full course, and as I limp/rolled down loser street, it mocked me: "Next time bring an iron lung, and perhaps a spare heart, you cardio-vascular non-entity!" Hills can be so cruel.

Next time I ride, I'll take my camera. That way, when I stop every five minutes to pant, I can comfort myself by taking pictures to post here, on Roblog. And if I remember to take my tripod, you will get to see me in those wicked-sexy bicycle pants. Oh yeah, you all are in for a treat.



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