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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Birthday Pictures #4

I'm leaving this one at the top, because if I pre-date it to put it under the first three, some of you might miss it.

Horyon doesn't really like the picture on the left here, but I think she looks pretty.
Horyon made this dress, too.
This is our favorite family pic so far.
I'm looking forward to seeing the photos in their book. There will also be a large photo of Maxine, so people coming to her party know which room to go to.

My friend Jep asked how we managed to get Maxine to cooperate with all the outfit changes, and posing and such, so I thought I'd answer that here:

These photographers are pros. Most of the clothes Maxine is wearing in these pictures belong to them. The only clothes of ours are the ones that Horyon made and the Hanbok. The sets are also theirs, including the furniture, and that funny little baby-column she's leaning on.

We spent a few hours in the studio. There were a few diaper changes involved, as well as some snacks for Maxine. I think that one or two of the pictures I've posted here have had cookies digitally removed from her mouth and/or hands. I've looked closely and can't tell for sure, but I remember the photographer taking pictures of Maxine while she was eating.

The photographer's assistant worked hard, too. I'm sure that her hand has been edited out of some pictures. She displayed a lot of energy, constantly "coo-coo"ing, waving toys in front of Maxine, posing her, holding her, talking to her. And it seemed to work, even though I admit that there were times when I wanted to tell her to put a sock in it.

And keep in mind that the photos you see here were selected from literally hundreds of photos. For one outfit in one location they took something like 40 or 50 pictures. The pictures here have been digitally cleaned up, with crumbs and tear-stains removed. (For some of these pictures Maxine was crying moments before the picture was taken, would you have guessed?) There is a serious amount of work going on here, and as expensive as the whole thing was, I can't even begin to imagine how much it would have cost if we had done it in the States.

Don't ask. Horyon has told me that I am not allowed to divulge how much we spent on these pictures.

So the party is this Saturday. I'm sure I'll be back with party pics sometime after that, and I still have some really great shots that I just have to get out there. Like this one:
Just makes me laugh looking at it. It was easy to get this shot. All I had to do was make the same face at her, and she would make it at me. And that, my friends, is what father/daughter communication is all about.


Anonymous said...

All just amazing! What a cutie. And I can picture you making that funny face now that you mention it! : ) I just can't imagine spending that much TIME for all those zillions of pictures. But I'm sure it was worth it because she is adorable.


Aubrey said...

Maybe you should consider giving up teaching for your own career in baby photography. But then the other subjects obviously won't be as talented or beautiful as your own. See you on Saturday!

Rob Sack said...

The problem is that in my photo album, almost all the pictures would like like this last one! I'm a sucker for that cute/weird combination, which probably explains most of my friends.

Melanie said...

Hey! I resemble that remark!! : )

Anonymous said...

great photos! she's adorable!

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