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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Birthday Pictures part 2

So these pictures will be in a photo book, with the layout you see here. I'm not sure what order the pages are in, because the file names were all originally in Korean with no numbers. On my computer it all came out gibberish.

You might be wondering what "Boutonia" means. "Boutonia" is the name of the photo studio, and "Baby Boutonia" is the new part of their studio. There's no new space, just new baby stuff, including clothes and toys to make your baby look cute. I think that "boutonia" is related to boutonniere, like the flowers that boys wear to prom, but I'm not sure. I might have something to do with derriere. Anyway, I find it only mildly annoying that they put their studio name on every page. I'm hoping that they don't do that in the printed book. It's only mildly annoying because I've seen a few baby photo books here, and most of them have incredibly bizarre English expressions and snippets of songs. I'm guessing that there is some relationship to the cheesey English they put in wedding photo books.

So the book may end up a little cheesey, but it will still be a fine keepsake. A little bulky, though. If we were to do this for every birthday, and if we had one or two more children (or five, like my brother) we would need to buy a small truck just for moving all of our picture books around. And I don't even want to think about how much it would cost.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, and don't feel like you have to make one of them your desktop just to make me happy. Instead, you should make one your desktop because it's cuter than that picture of a kitten struggling to climb a tree that is your desktop now.

1 comment:

Jeff Tremelling said...

Yes, I agree that they are cuter than a cat climbing up a tree but my desktop has a picture of my kids. I don't think Maya will like it if I put a picture of Maxine there in place of them.

How did you get Maxine to pose that many times with that many changes of clothes? We have a hard enough time to get one picture in one set of clothes. Share your advice oh Lego Centerfold!

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