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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Maxine Concert

I hope you enjoy this little bit of Maxine live in concert.

She already has the stylin' moves and swingin' repertoire, all she needs now is a larger venue than her bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Ok, we identified the 2nd song as "C is for Cookie" but we're not so sure about the first one. Nelson's wondering if you've managed to teach her the National Anthem already?


Rob Sack said...

The first one is a pretty broad interpretation of "U R N X" by They Might Be Giants. It quickly segues into an improvisational version in which the original lyrics are abandoned for... babbling.

And in the second video, you may have heard a few bars of "Sing A Song", also from Sesame Street. Good tunes.

Anonymous said...

you can't go wrong using Cookie Monster as a role model. It worked for me.

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