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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wal-Mart Complaint

If you are reading this on Roblog, then I have probably quite my job at Wal-Mart. If not, then I will probably be fired from Wal-Mart if management finds it!

Today was the Saturday before the Super Bowl, and less than two weeks before Valentine's Day. It was not a pleasant day to be working at Wal-Mart. At one point I found myself making this observation to my coworker, Sara: "You know, I don't even like cleaning up after myself," (She interrupted to point out that this is only natural, since I am a male.) "...much less our lazy, illiterate, inconsiderate customers who pick things up then put them back in completely different places." It was just one of those days. Hopefully tomorrow will make up for it. Don't worry, I'm not convinced that the majority of our customers are illiterate. But a sizable percentage are definitely lazy and inconsiderate. It's amazing to me that while the major motivation for shopping at Wal-Mart is low prices, people still expect V.I.P. treatment. It's one of those imponderables that Solomon should have included in his list along with not understanding the way love works between a woman and a man.

[Don't know why I didn't publish this one back when I wrote it in 2008, but here it is now.]

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