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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Observed at Wal-Mart

A guy is carrying a baby, around three months old. The baby's pacifier pops out of her mouth and down onto the floor. The father gives a heavy sigh and picks it up. He then pops it in his mouth, sucks it clean, and gives it to his baby.

And I didn't laugh. Out loud.


A guy is walking and talking on his cell phone. The only thing I hear him say is, "I gotta get some ear plugs. I guess revenge is sweet."


I changed the battery on a watch with a layer of grime thick enough to grow weeds and nasty enough to evolve them.


A couple came by this evening. I had sold them rings back in November, I think. Her daughter told me that her mommy graduated to be a nurse today. When I congratulated her, she proudly told me that a mother of four, six if you count her husbands kids, went back and graduated from college, and it felt great. As lousy as this job is at times, it does have its moments.


Woman talking on her cell phone: "Don't give me that innocent look..."

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