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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wedding Pictures... sorta

Horyon made the flower girl dress that Emma (one of Jamie's cousins, I believe) is wearing below.It turned out absolutely lovely, and we took a lot of pictures.It kind of bothered Maxine that we were taking so many pictures of someone else's little girl, so she sort of made her way in to some of them
Later we changed into more informal clothing for the reception. Here we are wearing my birthday present t-shirts. Mine says, "This is MY daddy!" and hers says, "This is MY daughter!" They both have Maxine's hand prints on them. Very cool.
And we finally got a new picture of Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob has long been a favorite of Maxine's. She has been able to identify him in photos since before we came to America. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps the words "Uncle Bob" just sort of roll off the tongue, like marbles. Or maybe she likes that he is so tall. Or maybe she plans to go to him for financial advice some day, and is hoping to get it for free. Anyway, here they are:
We stayed overnight in the hotel. It was cool, but we didn't take many pictures. And we took so few pictures of the wedding party in their lovely outfits that I'm a bit embarrassed. Had I not a daughter as charming (and energetic) as Maxine, there would be no excuse for it.

And the account wouldn't be complete without a video of Maxine tearing up the dance floor. I've got a few more videos like this, with her spinning around, bumping into people, dissing me, and generally having a good time.

I've still got a few more pictures to go up, but your weekends are my heavy work days, so be patient!

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Anonymous said...

I would be happy to help Maxine negociate her allowance or her other financial needs.
Uncle Bob

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