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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Space Filler

I know you haven't heard from me lately. OK, for a long time. Here's a few bits of what I've been up to.

I recently read "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. I was at the school library, saw it, and realized that I knew the title without having read it. That just seemed wrong, so I picked it up (along with H.P. and the Order of the Phoenix, which I was originally looking for). It's an interesting read, despite the lack of actual story to drive it. It was written in 1951, and feels quite old to me. The style, especially the way they swear, feels very quaint. Makes me wonder if the modern books I enjoy now will look the same way in 55 years.

New topic.

I started classes last Thursday. I'm teaching six classes, with a total of 270 students. For those of you who read faster than you do math, that's 45 students per class, average. Of course, some of those classes are pushing 50. And I teach them conversation. Right. Classes at Kyungsung University are grouped by major, and I'm teaching Law majors, Political Science majors, Social Welfare majors, and Public Administration majors. I'm considering making that last group turn in all their assignments in triplicate, attached to the proper forms which they can find in the back of a filing cabinet in the basement of the Music Ed. building. Seems appropriate, to get them on the right footing for their future jobs.

I've already discovered which class will be the biggest pain in the (ahem) neck. During their first hour with me, most students will sit quietly, most of them with that deer-in-the-headlights look on their faces. But one class constantly talked to each other, in spite of my repeated demands for silence while I am talking. At the end of their first class, I warned them that if I am not happy with the class as a whole, their grades as a whole will be low. I did it to the English majors, and I'm not a afraid to do it to them. Would you care to guess which major provided this pleasure for me? Answer at the bottom of this entry.

New Topic

Maxine is doing well. No health problems. Can't say the same for Horyon. Saturday she caught a cold. Stayed home from church Sunday, went to the clinic yesterday, and is much better today. I think Maxine valiantly fought the cold off yesterday. She slept most of the day, and didn't eat much, but today she was back in top form. Hooray for breast feeding!

My parents brought a new toy for her. We call it the Crazy Duck. I'm sure that if you examine the picture closely, you will see why.
Yes. This duck has petals. And you can't see it, but C.D.'s head flips up to reveal a mirror inside where it's gizzard should be. And the bottom of C.D.'s feet are two different colors. Orange and purple. I can't remember which one is which, and I'm afraid to go look. This is one seriously crazy duck, my friends. Nonetheless, Maxine still enjoys sniffing Crazy Duck's butt.

While my folks were here, we went to the studio to get some photos taken.
I like this picture. As my Mom pointed out, it is somewhat indicative of reality. We all focus exclusively on Maxine as we gather around her, and she stares off blankly at something else. (Once again suggesting that she may be part cat.) As nice as this picture is, it is somehow more revealing to see what the studio staff were doing while taking the picture:
All kinds of noise, waving stuff around, trying to get Maxine to look at them. So Maxine wasn't really staring at nothing in particular. They couldn't get her to smile, but they were so cute. And so I decided not to Photoshop their studio name out of the picture that we scanned.

I saved the most depressing news for last. Maxine has a boyfriend.
The good news is that she met him at Church, so I know he's a good boy. Still, we don't allow them to be together alone, and won't until they are 23. Maybe 24. I still hold the hope that they will break up before it gets serious. After all, Maxine is a whole two weeks older than Corn (his nickname, short for Corinth, we think.) That kind of age gap, together with the thing about girls maturing faster than boys, dooms the whole relationship. I think this father will be able to sleep well tonight.

New Topic

For those of you who know my Uncle Bob, be sure to thank him. He sent me an email today reminding me that all three of my fans are anxiously awaiting a new installment of Roblog. Thanks Uncle Bob!

A: It was the Public Administration majors. The Social Welfare majors seemed to be lower level, but they were nicer. The Law Majors were the sharpest, but they haven't grown their shark teeth yet. And the Political Science majors are pretty much like the ones I remember from my university days. 'Nuff said.

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