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Friday, April 07, 2006



The fine is $20 per week, not month. Horyon read the Roblog today and corrected me.

She added, "I'm thinking of not paying it," and I said, "I'm thinking hell no we're not paying it!"

$20 per month is just barely acceptable to me as the price to be left alone by people who have no business bugging me. Heck, I'll give $20 a month to the Jehovah's Witnesses if it keeps them from knocking on my door. But $20 a week? $10 per protest? Man, I am definitely protesting that.

You know what? I can see where they protest from my window. I need to get a water-balloon sling shot, like we used to have at Pearson Hall, back at good old K.U. Then I can wreak some serious havoc on those pigdogs.

Peace (unless you're a protester here at the I-Park apartments, in which case go sit on a porcupine),


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