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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cherry Blossoms

Every spring time, the cherry blossoms bloom in this part of the world. Koreans go nuts over them, causing Sunday afternoon traffic jams down streets that have many cherry trees.

Horyon and I usually ignore the cherry blossoms. This year we decided that it was a good opportunity to take some pictures of Maxine in the great outdoors. We took these after church today. Maxine mostly liked it, though she only sort of tolerated all the kissing.

Church really tires her out.

She is amazing. When I fell in love with Horyon, it was partly because her smile and her laugh made my heart leap. She still does that to me when both of us aren't so tired that we're ready to collapse. This ability appears to be genetic, because Maxine has the same effect on me. I live for her smiles and giggles.

This year is racing by for me. I notice it most when I cut my finger nails. Every time I do, it seems as though I had just cut them the day before. I don't believe that they are growing faster, so I'm pretty sure it's my perception of time that is changing. Like most people, it just seems to go by faster and faster.

Last on the agenda for today: There was a protest outside our apartment building on Saturday. They built our apartment in an semi-industrial area, and now they are working on making it more industrial than semi. In addition, the road over here behind our apartment will be widened to provide more access to a new apartment development over beyond the hill. Some people from our apartment planned this protest. They had drums and stuff, and managed to back the poor cement trucks all the way up the hill.

It's kind of sad. The building we're in is very nice, and the apartment itself is the best place I've ever lived in Korea (not saying much considering some of the dumps I've lived in, but still...). But the neighborhood is filthy, and it's about to get worse.

Fortunately for us, we are just renting.



p.s. Spell check complete, no errors! That don't happen too often!

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