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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rise Up, Nerds!

That's what I should have titled my last post. I hope that you, my three loyal readers, will give me some more suggestions for a word that means:

something which could not have been predicted, yet isn't surprising.

Run this by your friends who know Latin! Google foreign language dictionaries! And lets try to get something that is fairly easy to use and remember, OK?

Oh, and cheers to my Uncle Bob, who has given the only original suggestion so far! (Sorry, Jon, but "cung" was way more funny than it was original.)



1 comment:

Jon said...

OK, how about "congrandom"? From “congruous” and “random” -- IOW, it's something unpredictable (i.e. random in its specifics) that is nonetheless entirely congruous with a deeper understanding of how the world works. Plus, it has the substantial added benefit of almost including “cung” as the first syllable (and even sounds like "cung" when pronounced!)

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