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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a rare update

Rare because I don't do it very often. Almost two weeks this time. And I think back on the past couple of weeks, and what we've done, and it's all sort of a blur. I believe that this is "fatherhood". On the other hand, it is not rare for me to post pictures of Maxine.

We had a nice Easter. Our church, AIM (Antioch International Ministry), did some great songs for Easter. I like AIM, but my biggest complaint is the music. They are very much new-school, drums, guitar, bass, and all loud. I don't mind the instrumentation, but it's sometimes loud enough that I can't hear myself sing. And like many such praise teams, they have a tendency to fall into using the same songs over and over. I guess that's OK if your goal is to train the congregation to be able to sing with their eyes closed or something, but I don't quite see it that way. I like songs that tell stories, and songs that dig deep into truth and feelings. Not just in church music, but in all of my music. I also enjoy simple repetitive songs from time to time, mixed in with the others. But the simple songs get old pretty quickly, and that's what has happened for me, to some extent.

But on Easter, we sang hymns. The Gravy Song (you know, "Low in the gravy lay, Jesus my savior... Up from the gravy he arose!"), and quite a few others. They were all done with the same loud instruments. A casual listener/singer might not have noticed how much more we were singing than usual. But I noticed, and I liked it. It was cool.

One of Maxine's recently acquired hobbies is sucking on her own toes. Sort of raises the question of whether or not she would suck on other people's toes. My guess would be yes, as pretty much anything offered to her goes into her mouth as a matter of course.

So here she is. Workin' those toes. Go baby, go.

For Horyon's parents' birthday (same date on the lunar calendar, a convenience that I recommend to anyone) we took them out to a raw fish restaurant. Quite the delicacy here. In fact, the in-laws really wanted to take my parents to a raw fish place while they were here. We talked them out of it, for which Mom and Dad owe us.
Everyone had a good time, and Youngsoo's (father-in-law) brother and his family came along, too. In this picture, wearing the purple shirt and sitting on the right, you can see our Sookmo (aunt). Of course, not all of us like raw fish:
Maxine opted out, and just ate her rice gruel. She seemed pretty happy with it, though.

Bob, I hope you enjoy zooming in on the pictures and trying to figure out what the different foods are. Yes, there are snails cooked in their shells, as well as a few boiled shrimp, some raw veggies, and some sliced raw tuna. We went to one of our usual restaurants, and were very disappointed with the amount and quality of food. Horyon told me that her father is friends with the owner/manager, so we will probably never go back. Go figure.



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