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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Even more pics

Yeah, eating is fun. This picture is a follow-up to eating with a spoon.
I tried giving control of the spoon to Maxine, and she took it away!
My intention with the picture was to show the bits of food on her face, but they don't show much. What does show is that there are now four teeth, making for an even cuter smile.

Like me, Maxine enjoys meal times, and figures it's easier to clean up if you're not wearing a shirt.

Also like daddy, she enjoys a good nap from time to time. Here she is, sacked out in our living room in direct line of fire from the fan. It's the only way to sleep here with the current weather. I tell you, serious dog (soup) days.
And last, following in Daddy's steps, Maxine enjoys books. Right now she just enjoys turning the pages, looking at the colors (I don't think they register as pictures yet), and enjoying time with mommy or daddy. But here I caught her looking at _Runaway Bunny_ all by herself. (Thanks Nelson and Melanie!)
Yeah, she's looking at it upside down. Who doesn't make mistakes like that from time to time?

I gotta get back to work. Hopefully I'll have more bloggin' time once the semester starts in September.




Aubrey said...

Hey Rob:
I haven't been keeping up on your blog while I've been home. But I'm headed back to Korea and I'm excited to catch up on your life either in person or by a nice PC room read. Maxine is, as always, beautiful. My sister is next to me and says that she's adorable, maybe even cuter than I was (but the jury's still out on that).
I'll be back in church on Sunday, so I hope to see you!
Your friend,

Rob Sack said...

So I'm imagining Aubrey as a baby, with all ten of her fingers in her mouth, and thinking, "Cute. Very cute. But Maxine is pretty hard to beat. I'll have to see some evidence."

Welcome back, Aubrey, and I'm afraid that it will not take long in a PC room to catch up with Roblog. Summer's been scarce.

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