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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Maxine Pics

As I've mentioned, this summer I have stayed busy with an English Job Interview class. I was planning to write lots about it, but instead I ended up planning lots for it. In addition, we have all been sweltering here. My computer room is pretty much the hottest in the house, so I kind of avoid it. And my computer at work was well on its way to becoming a fancy paperweight when my students were graduating from elementary school, so I don't get much done there, either.

To make up for it, I've decided to post some pictures, mostly of our favorite subject: Maxine. Blogger only lets me post 5 pictures per post, so I may spread this out over a couple more posts. I hope you enjoy them!

A few weeks ago our church had a weekend retreat out of town, so no services on Sunday. I delivered a sermon, Horyon took pictures,
and Maxine drew all of the attention.

I figure two out of three of us did OK at our assignments. As you can see, the sermon ended up being more of a discussion than a lecture. Fine with me, and with everyone there, I believe.

Confession time: Maxine has a problem:
Yeah. She's been hitting the cup pretty hard. Hitting it against the floor, other toys, me, whatever. And then she passes out. (Horyon insisted that I confess that this is a posed photo. Yes, I put the cup in her hand, but it was originally lying right next to her, I swear! Just wait until I get a picture like this of Horyon!)

And finally (for this post), Maxine has enough hair for some serious bed head.
More later.

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Ang said...

They're great photos! I've copied some of them :)

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