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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Walkin' Tall

Maxine has been standing unassisted for more than a month now. She still gets pretty excited about it, waving her arms in the air and shouting something that may very well translate into "Hey! Look at me all standin' here!" She also enjoys being led around walking, as long as you hold her hands.

Today I paid the price for working during summer vacation. While staying at Grandpa and Grandma's house, Maxine walked all by herself. Nine steps, they told me.

My one consolation is that to Maxine, the next nine steps she takes will also be exciting, and the next nine after that, well up into the hundreds, if not the thousands, I'm sure. Still, it hurts a bit to miss a landmark like this.

I guess that very few parents get to be there for every first in their child's life. And once they head off to school, forget about it. So many things happening for the first time. We just have to let go.

Look at me, getting all maudlin on you. I'm sorry about that. I am very proud of my Maxine. She always smiles when she sees me, and now she waves, too. I don't have a picture of her waving yet, and right now the pictures I've downloaded onto the computer are all more than two weeks old. I'll get more pics up soon, though. I was instructed to post about the walking, and I have.

Now it's time to get to bed.




Melanie said...

Hurray for Maxine! But only 10 months old - yikes - LOOK OUT ROB & HORYON!!

Our babysitter when Baird was little would say, "it looks like he's about to do xxx - you should watch for it tonight." I always figured that meant he'd done it at her house that day, but at least she didn't tell me.

Of course, to this day my son refuses to do things at home that he does at school or my parents house. (He eats things for my mother that he gives me a "blech" for and apparently he sings at school.)

The joys of parenthood abound! Love it while it lasts.


Jeff Tremelling said...

Sorry to hear you missed the first steps. You will see many other firsts.

I don't remember the first steps for Amira or even if I was there. Jaden I do remember the first steps. He walked between 4 people (Grandma, Grandpa, Maya and me) for about 10 minutes. It helps that we got his first steps on video.

I plan on remembering their first days of school because I want to take both of them to their first day. For Amira that will be in less than a year for Jaden less than 2.

Kindergarden in Bangkok costs more per year than two years of undergrad for me!!!

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