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Monday, April 16, 2007

Lookin' For Furniture (in all the right places)

Hi Everyone!

We are adjusting well to life in America, I think. We are staying with my parents now, but hope to be moving to our house soon.

However, I feel as though Korea is pursuing me here.

While we were in Korea, my cousin Mark was living in our house. He found a friend to rent one of the rooms to, and together their rent paid my mortgage. It was a pretty sweet set-up for us, other than the fact that we did not get to live in the house we bought.

Mark knew that we were returning to America, but like everyone else, he didn't know exactly when. So when we went to visit our home for the first time last Sunday, the first thing I noticed was a fish tank just after the foyer. I took a quick look, and found that none of them had gone to meet their maker, and went on to the rest of the house. There was stuff in the kitchen and in both small bedrooms. Looks like I've still got a renter.

Later in the week Dad and I went back to get some measurements and start planning a course of action, and we found the renter there on her lunch break. She seemed nice enough, I suppose, though she never stopped talking on her cell phone that I could see. But that's ok. It's good to be connected, I guess. We told her that we wanted to move in soon, and she promised to be out by the coming weekend (today).

I talked to Mark on the phone today, and he says it looks like she will be out. Good thing, too, because Dad and I are going on Monday to tear up the carpet in one room and put down wood floors.

We are working on furniture. We've gotten some good bargains so far. We have beds for all of us, a sofa, and some offers for chairs. I've got my eye on this really cool recliner at Lee's Furniture in beautiful downtown Leavenworth. It's on consignment for $230, though I may try for a lower price. It's extra wide. Horyon and I can sit side by side comfortably and recline together. Good stuff.

When I started writing this post (last Sunday), we were waiting for the renter to get out. She did, and this week Dad and I have been working long hours to get the house in shape. But that's another post.

For now, I would like to ask: if you live in or near Lawrence, and have a bookcase that you would like to donate to this family (us), please contact me! I've got about a million books, and right now they are all in boxes. Help!

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