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Sunday, April 15, 2007

We made it. We're at my parents' home in lovely Leavenworth. It's about 6 a.m. I've been awake since Maxine woke up hungry around 4. She got back to sleep, I didn't. I'm coughing and sneezing, and I decided that if I stay in the same room with Horyon and Maxine, it will be harder for them to sleep. So email check and Roblog time.

All of our flights were on time. No problems at immigration. Maxine travelled pretty well considering that she doesn't like being cooped up and unable to wander around. Her longest crying stints were no more than five minutes or so. The people sitting around us were not too disturbed, I think.

Maxine made lots of friends. She loved the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, and for good reason. Lots of space to run around, not very crowded, carpeted floors so falling down wasn't a big deal.

When we got through customs and immigration, picked up our luggage and dropped it off again, Horyon told me she was thirsty, so I went to the McDonalds. My first surprise was that a large coke was almost $2. In Korea, the largest coke costs about $1.20. I wasn't thinking about being in an airport, though, and I had forgotten a few other things:

She handed me a couple of cups to go fill up myself! Culture shock! They just don't do that in Korea! And the cups were huge! We couldn't drink all of our drinks. And when I went over to the drink machine I was once again shocked at the variety of drinks available. Lemonade! Oh yeah! Six or seven different soft drinks, as I recall. And take as much ice as you want.

At this point I was sort of humming a patriotic tune, happy to be here in spite of the sand that had somehow gotten around in the back of my eyes.

Not sure whether we will make it to church tomorrow. Sorry, today. Horyon was also sneezing and coughing. Once again, Maxine seems to be in better shape than either of us, but we'll see how she is when the sun comes up.

When we got home, Mom had some turkey and noodle soup made for us. Welcome home. It was a good choice for all of us, as Maxine loves noodles and I make a similar soup that Horyon likes.

The house feels cold after two months with Horyon's family. I have to dig my sweat pants out of the luggage. I know they're in there somewhere. I'm wearing shorts now, and it's just a bit chilly.

And now I will go grab a bite to eat and surf the t.v. channels. The internet connection here is a bit slow, so I'm not sure about posting pictures. You may not see much roblogging until we get set up with our own computer and internet in Lawrence.

Oh yeah, tomorrow we're going to go to Lawrence so Horyon and Maxine can see their new home! I'm very excited for them. They're sleeping.



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