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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nothing special, thanks.

Yesterday I had to got to school early for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the building that I was unceremoniously moved into the week before the semester started. It was all in Korean, though there was a nice slide show of the building process in the background. I then graded quizzes until the free lunch. The free lunch was OK for the price. I then graded more papers until it was time for class. I screwed up my first lesson, spent my one hour break working with a student doing make up work, did a bit better on the second, and finally got the third one right.

I went to Horyon's parents' home where I picked up Horyon and Maxine, then we went home. We had Pizza Hut deliver dinner to our home ($26 for a large pizza and salad, expensive, but much better than the $14 pizza from other places), then shared an itty-bitty (three inch diameter) cake that Horyon picked up after work. Then Horyon gave me my birthday present: she sent me to bed at 10:00 and finished cleaning up by herself.

Of course, I still got up a couple of times in the night to calm Maxine. Doesn't happen every night, but for my birthday I guess she wanted to do something special.

Today I tried to move up her feeding schedule an hour, so I fed her twice before her grandparents came to pick her up. I went through three t-shirts as a result. She only went through two changes of clothes because I was carrying her around in just a diaper on the second projectile vomiting. Top it off with only a 30 minute nap, and today has been a long day already, though I haven't gone to work yet.

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