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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Church Today (Yesterday!)

OK, I started writing this once. I was pretty much finished, when I stopped to have a conversation with my lovely wife. I buzzed around a couple of things I was working on, and when I came back to post it, everything but the title was gone. Gone, gone, gone.

You are probably saying to yourself, "Rob is an idiot. He should know by now to save frequently whilst composing documents on his electronic computing machine." That is something I have had problems with in the past, but Blogger just started a new feature that automatically saves your writing every couple of minutes, in case something bad happens, like a severe computer crash, the electricity going out, or the second coming. But it didn't count on me looking at other blogs, I guess.

It was late enough that I gave up and went to bed. Good thing, because it was my first night of seeing to Maxine whenever she woke up. I didn't sleep much. She wasn't happy about not seeing mommy, and she let me know in no uncertain terms. I'm hoping that tonight is better.

So back to church yesterday: it was a special day for us because it was the first time since Maxine joined us (on the outside, that is) that Horyon and I sat all the way through a church service together. If you have someone special that you go to church with, you may take this for granted, but it is a true blessing. Being able to discuss the sermon is much easier when you don't have to relate the whole thing to set the context. And when it is an emotional sermon, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to convey that through a conversation. There is also something very comforting about having family with you when the topic is family.

It was a good sermon. The church we've attended for the past three Sundays is First Christian Church (F.C.C.) Lawrence. They have a nice contemporary service at 11:00 Sunday mornings, which, so far, is about as early as we can manage. The Praise Team is not too loud, and quite talented, and so far the preaching has been good.

Maxine spent the service time downstairs in the nursery. Last week I took her down midway through the service and stayed with her. This week we left her with Miss Sofia. One cool thing they have is vibrating pagers, which they give to the parents when they drop off their kids. That way if your child is vomiting or breaking stuff or crying non-stop or whatever they can just buzz you, and you can come deal with the kid right away. That made us feel very confident about leaving her. We said goodbye, and Maxine just kept playing with all the cool toys they have there. And reportedly she never had any problem at all.

So it was a good day for church.

In addition, Mom and Dad came to visit and brought us a sofabed. It's now in our living room. We can now comfortably seat people other than ourselves without resorting to folding chairs or the floor! Happy days!

Unfortunately, I do not yet have pictures of the church, the nursery, or Maxine in the nursery. And while I do have pictures of the sofa (I think), I also have the above video, which is even more entertaining than pictures of the sofa. Enjoy!

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